Frequently Asked Questions

Dress Code

Cocktail, formal, anything that would make you feel fabulous really! White is obviously reserved for Marianna (and if you are in doubt, yes it is too pale) but any other colour is more than welcome! If you don't know what to choose, we have picked a palette of warm summer colours so please, be inspired!

Children's Entertainment

We are looking to have professional children's entertainment on the day, with games and activities! This should be available after the ceremony until the evening.


We are in contact with a private babysitting service: price should be around 25 euros per hour and it should be possible to arrange it on site or at a preferred location. Babysitters are professionals and speak English. Let us know if you are interested or if you would like a contact to arrange for this directly.


It goes without saying that your presence at our wedding is already a gift but many of you have been asking if we have a wedding registry. We do not, since we have been living together for so long already! If you would like to send us a present anyway, we are looking to plan a trip to Japan and Hawaii for our honeymoon so feel free to contribute to our fund here:
If you know any places to see or things to do that you would recommend for our honeymooon please, share it with us!
Honeymoon recommendations!

Please email all enquiries to